Tripsdrill & Holiday Park

8-10 April 2016

A weekend jaunt over to Germany to visit Tripsdrill and Holiday Park.

Shepherd's WagonUsually around early January, I get itchy feet and feel the need to book a trip to help ease the closed season blues, and so it was that a weekend trip over to Germany was planned.

We flew into Stuttgart on the Friday night, staying at a hotel next to the airport before picking up a hire car (a Ford Fiesta - a home from home for me!) and driving to Tripsdrill early the next morning. We spent a full day at the park, then slept in one of their on site Shepherd's Wagons, which was a great experience. Ours was well equipped with a heater, two bunk beds and a double bed, although you need to venture out to a separate building to use the toilet or take a shower. Think posh camping. Dinner was courtesy of the local pizza place which delivered right to the wagon door, and breakfast the next morning was at a resturant a short walk into Tripsdrill's wildlife park.

On Sunday we drove to Holiday Park and experienced the various rides as well as a big water ski show, before heading back to Stuttgart and home with memories of a fun and very enjoyable weekend.

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