ECC Turkey Tour

Day 2: Land of Legends

A hot sunny day at the waterpark...

Sunday 16th September 2018


The view from our hotel room - not a bad sight to wake up to!


We were all checked out of the hotel by 9am and onboard the coaches


The Antalya province is famous for its tomatoes which are exported around the world - we passed hundreds of vast greenhouses used to grow them


It only took about 45 minutes to arrive at the huge and impressive destination for the day, Land of Legends


We met up with the other coach at the park's Legends of Aqua entrance

T-shirt Day

It was t-shirt day: our red shirts are being beautifully modelled here


Richard was quietly contemplating the day of fun ahead

Land of Legends

Land of Legends is a gigantic, beautifully themed entertainment complex complete with large waterpark, theme park and shopping district


Ben and I spent the first part of the day trying out some of the waterslides


Magicone was a fun giant dinghy slide


The park had a wonderfully themed beach area

Tower Falls

Tower Falls featured master blaster style sections with water jets powering the rubber rings back up hill


We had to wait for a few minutes at the top of this waterslide, as somebody had got stuck halfway down ... apparently the solution was for one of the lifeguards to slide down and push them through!


The delay meant we had to dash quickly to the changing rooms, then back across the park to meet back up with the rest of the group for an ERS ... something not made particularly easy by the rough pathway surface which really tore into the bottom of our feet as we ran along


We made it to the Hyper Coaster station just in time!

Hyper Coaster

Hyper Coaster is an astounding 200ft tall Mack Hypercoaster


We enjoyed an Exclusive Ride Session on the coaster - I think the overwhelming verdict was that Hyper Coaster is superb!

Family Coaster

After the ERS we tried out the smaller coasters. First was Family Coaster ...

Race Coaster

... followed closely by Race Coaster

Race Coaster

I think a lot of the group have as much fun on kiddie coasters as big rides!


After lunch we spent some time wandering around the park taking photos and enjoying the atmosphere


We watched part of the Waterfront Kingdom show


Land of Legends' shopping area is amazing

Typhoon Coaster

The park's other rollercoaster is Typhoon Coaster, an Intamin Water Coaster

Water Coaster

It was similar to other Intamin Water Coasters, but with the addition of a dark ride section at the start of the ride

Hyper Coaster

Spot the red tshirts! Just time for a couple more rides on Hyper Coaster.


Much too soon, it was time to get changed and leave Land of Legends - there was a long journey ahead


We settled down for the four and a half hour drive to Konya, our overnight stop

Taurus Mountains

The road weaved its way through the Taurus Mountains


We passed remote mosques with charming minarets


and roadside food stalls


The scenery was incredible


There were a few hairy moments and dubious passing practices along the narrow twisting mountain roads


Finally it was time to make a stop at a roadside services for some dinner


There was a lot of tasty, freshly cooked food on offer - we had our fill, before we got back on the coaches and arrived at the Hilton Garden Inn Konya a little after 10pm.