Brummie Summer at Drayton Manor

28 August 2019

A rainy weekday visit at Drayton Manor near the end of the school summer holidays.

I'd usually avoid major theme parks during the school summer holidays, but this year is a bit different as I'm currently between jobs on gardening leave. Therefore, a midweek trip to Drayton Manor in late August seemed a little more appealing to ease the boredom of sitting at home twiddling my thumbs. The rainy weather forecast had kept most of the crowds away, and we had a pretty good day considering the heavens opened part way through!

Drayton Manor

Drayton Manor on a cloudy, drizzly morning


We started the day with a trip on Winston's Whistle-Stop Tour

Thomas Shop

Still the world's largest Thomas shop


Time for a morning cup of coffee

The Haunting

Refreshed, we decided to visit the Vicarage ... maybe we could have a cup of tea with the vicar?

The Haunting

The ride was proving popular - it seemed a lot of people wanted to get inside away from the impending rain!

The Haunting

It's all a bit laughable, but The Haunting is still strangely fun

The Haunting

Did we see any paranormal activity? Of course we did!

Sheriff's Showdown

The old Golden Nuggets ride has had a bit of an upgrade this year, and has been transformed into Sheriff's Showdown

Sheriff's Showdown

The sets and effects have been upgraded inside, and there's a nice new starry ceiling

Sheriff's Showdown

Certain targets are worth more points leading to an excited audio track announcing the bonus, although unfortunately it sounds more like "you've got a boner!" ... oooh, matron!


Following a picnic lunch, it was time to explore the zoo


Compare the meerkat with the other meerkat


The old penguin enclosure is now hosting ... ducks.


Are you still reading, or should I give you a moment to CATch up?

Dino trail

Drayton Manor is one of the few places that you can still find live dinosaurs


Look, it's a real life live (plastic) dinosaur!


One of my favourite things to do at Drayton Manor is visit the old fashioned penny arcade machines


So many arcade machines to choose between

Tea Rooms

The rain had started properly, so we decided it was time for a cuppa at Mrs Kyndley's Tea Rooms (we don't need much excuse!)


My other favourite thing to do at Drayton Manor is sit on my very own seat with my tea at Mrs K's


Something that always impresses me about Drayton's Zoo is the variety of exotic animals on display that you just can't see anywhere else


The model railway inside the Discover Thomas and Friends Exhibition could do with a dusting


Naugthy Thomas didn't stop to pick up the passengers at Dryaw, leaving them standing in the rain


By this time, the rain had really set in

Ice Age 4D

We dove inside the 4D cinema to watch Ice Age

Ice Age

A lot of people had the same idea!


I'd expected the film to be the same as shown at Alton Towers a few years ago, but it was a different one following the Ice Age characters on an adventure with a time machine


We took a second whizz around Sheriff's Showdown as our final ride of the day


The biggest shock of the day: Superloo is no longer super :(


A nice day out at Drayton Manor, probably made more so by avoiding the rollercoasters!


Let's get dry in the (shiny new) car and head for home

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