ECC Dreamland Margate

8 June 2019

A rainy day with the ECC beside the seaside in Margate...

The European Coaster Club's first UK trip of 2019 saw a group of 30 or so members braving a showery day at Dreamland in Margate. The ECC has had a long association with the park, having been a big supporter of the Save Dreamland campaign when the park was threatened with redevelopment a few years ago, so it was nice to visit and see how far it has come since the dark days.

Dreamland Car Park

It was an early start, with a drive around the M25 to arrive in Margate around 8:30am.

Dreamland Entrance

We all met up inside Dreamland's main entrance building

Scenic Railway tour

The day began with a behind the scenes tour and an ERS on the Scenic Railway


A very welcome post-ERS cup of coffee!


The carousel gave us a chance to wave at Paul ... every time we went around!

Drop Tower

I really enjoy staying on the ground and taking pictures of other people on drop towers


The park is small enough that it was easy to bump into other ECC members as we were touring around

Hurricane Jets

Hurricane Jets were a big success ... for those of us who could get ours off the ground at least!

Group Photo

We're so cool that we take group photos outside the toilet


Yes, it really was the toilet

Caribbean BBQ

We had Caribbean barbecue chicken for lunch overlooking the rest of the park

Kiddie Coaster

After lunch it was time for a ride on the kiddie coaster - we terrorised a poor ride op called Callum by singing Happy Birthday to him all the way around!


One of Dreamland's more unusual rides is Dreamcatcher - as Carol pointed out, it is like an Enterprise, but different

Air Force

The rest of us sat it out while Brian and Carol took a flight on Dreamland's new Zamperla Air Race - it's like an Enterprise, but different


Dodgems - they're like an Enterprise, but different. We saw Callum again, so we sang him a Happy Birthday encore. I'm not sure he was impressed.

Big Wheel

Why take a photo of everyone on the Big Wheel when you can get the pole in shot instead?

Big Wheel

Because I'm that good at selfies... :-/


Having endured the showers and with the rain becoming heavier it was time to call it a day. Dreamland has come a long way - it's looking spectacular, even on a wet day!

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