Thorpe Park Fright Nights 2019

12 October 2019

The annual visit to Thorpe Park's Halloween event, which this year premiered the new Creek Freak Massacre scare maze.

Thorpe Park Fright Nights is one of the regular stops on the annual tour of UK Halloween events. After the disappointment of "quantity over quality" at last year's event, it was interesting to see what the park were pitching for 2019.

The worst of last year's cheap additions were gone - no more Vulcan Peak or Dead Creek Woods - but also missing was the long running Saw: Alive. In their place was a new scare maze: Creek Freak Massacre, which had been billed by the park as "the most intense Halloween maze in the history of Fright Nights".

Would an adventure into the freaky creek live up to expectations? And what about the rest of the event? Continuous rain on a mid-October Saturday seemed the ideal time to find out...

Thorpe Park entrance

A big screen welcome to Fright Nights


Fright Nights doesn't really get going until the mazes begin opening at 3pm, so there was time to grab some morning rides


We took a wake-up ride on Stealth

Feared 5 Challenge

Feared 5 was a Fright Nights "attraction" which gave away free wristbands to anyone who rode all five of the big coasters after dark - good luck with the length of the queues!


The rain started properly as we joined the queue for Nemesis: Inferno, and the umbrellas came out


The rain and the volcano's mist created a spooky atmosphere, and Fright Nights hadn't even properly begun!

Nemesis: Inferno

The ride was running well

Pin Badges

Thorpe didn't release a Fright Nights pin badge for this year, but were instead selling the 2018 badges - it felt like a bit of a dirty trick

Closed rides

The rides in Old Town would close early to make way for Creek Freak Massacre and Platform 15


Colossus had broken down as we walked past

The Walking Dead: The Ride

We decided to try and get in the dry for a few minutes, so took a ride on The Walking Dead: The Ride


The promise of drying off indoors had attracted a huge hour plus long queue for Derren Brown's Ghost Train before it even opened at midday


We decided to go for lunch instead - also inside, with more food but less VR

Fin's menu

Fin's had an updated menu especially for Fright Nights


I tried one of the new options - actual real healthy food! To be honest, the salmon was a bit rubbery, but its great to see the park moving towards offering more than burgers and fried food in Fin's. Let's hope for even more options next season!


I then ruined my whole healthy eating day with chocolate "brownie" for pudding. Brownie? Looks more like a giant slice of very tasty cake and deliciously rich chocolate sauce to me, but I wasn't complaining!

The Swarm

Following a very lazy lunch, there was just time for a quick ride on The Swarm before the mazes opened


It really was pretty wet, with large puddles forming all over the place

Station flyover

I do love The Swarm station flyover

Creek Freak Massacre

Given experience of previous years we knew it was a good idea to join the queue for Creek Freak Massacre, the new maze, around 2:30 even though it wasn't due to open until 3pm.

CFM Queue

Our decision was justified when we looked at the number of people behind us a few minutes later!

CFM Queue

We were let into the main Creek Freak Massacre queueline a few minutes before 3pm

Logger's Leap

It felt quite nostalgic walking over the old Logger's Leap footbridge and looking at the remains of the old log flume

Old Logger's Leap queueline

It's been a while since anyone has stood here and seen a full Logger's Leap queueline!

Creek Freak Massacre

Creek Freak Massacre takes place inside the former Logger's Leap station building and newly boarded-up undercover queue area

Creek Freak Massacre exit

The maze was pretty good, although didn't really live up to the promise of the most intense Fright Nights maze ever - most people were leaving with smiles on their faces rather than running out of the exit in fright

Creek Freak Massacre

Having visited Alton Towers' Scarefest the previous week and being very impressed with their new Attic and Darkest Depths mazes, I found Creek Freak Massacre a bit of a lacklustre addition in comparison: a few years ago some wooden walls, smoke filled corridors and chainlink fences would have been first class, but the premier league of scare attractions has moved on a lot since then. Alton have built impressive attic rooms and sinking pirate ship scenery ... Thorpe nailed some wood to the walls and chased people around with the tired old chainsaws.

Platform 15

Only 20 minutes wait for Platform 15? Bargain!

Platform 15

Oh the lies! It was actually almost an hour.

Dead Creek Woods

Some old scenery from last year's Dead Creek Woods is still there at the end of the station platform

Platform 15

This year, the queue climbs up to the station platform from the former railway track

Platform 15

As always, Platform 15 begins with a walking tour down the railway track, before the group is left on their own to explore further and find the Sleeper Express

Platform 15 finale

Platform 15 used to lack any real finale - that's been fixed this year, with a concluding scene at the end of the tunnel climaxing with visitors coming face to face with the missing conductor!

Living Nightmare

Next up was The Walking Dead: Living Nightmare. There were no real changes to the maze this year, although we had a great run through as we lost most of our group and ended up with the two of us going around on our own.

Terror at Amity High

The Terror at Amity High show was back in the area around Stealth


This guy really enjoyed telling me all about munching on body organs ... anyone would think he was a vampire!


After a quick cup of Burger King tea, we went to watch some movies at Screamplexx Cinema


This year there are two different shows on offer - we saw a double bill featuring "Don't Go Down To Wildor", followed by "Don't Move" which was the same film we saw last year


The 4D effects were manually operated by a staff member, who seemed a bit overly enthusiastic about cramming in as many as possible ... the water effects added to the blood spatters, but I'm not sure my horror film watching was enhanced by the bubbles!

Do Or Die

The Walking Dead: Do Or Die claimed to have a 70 minute queue

Do or Die

The queue certainly looked quite long


Darkness fell as we waited ... we moved frustratingly slowly because so many people with fastrack were being let in ahead of the normal queue

Do or Die bus

Finally we reached the front and entered the bus at the start of the maze

Do or Die exit

We had a really good run through. It was made even better by one of the actors who, when the house lights went up and the maze was paused for five minutes, stayed in character and interacted with us until everything was restarted.

Blair Witch

The queue for Blair Witch was long and the rain was coming down more heavily, so we decided to skip the maze and call it a night


Overall, Fright Nights 2019 was a vast improvement over last year's event. The two Walking Dead mazes were good fun again, Creek Freak Massacre wasn't top of the class but is still an OK maze, and it was good to see Platform 15 getting a bit of attention with a new finale.

Thorpe Park at night

However, it feels like Thorpe are stuck in a rut - while the scare attractions industry has blossomed over the last few years, Thorpe Park are still producing the same kind of mazes at the same sort of quality they were ten years ago. I really hope they up their game next year, get a decent budget and can create some amazing, scary, modern Fright Nights attractions.

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