ECC Party in Poland

Day 2: Energylandia

Today's destination was Energylandia, the EU-funded monster park with 12 rollercoasters

Saturday 25th May 2019

Energylandia sign

Day two saw us visiting the biggest park of the trip, Energylandia

Energylandia photo

We had a group photo beside the Energylandia sign ... which would have been fine, if it wasn't also a bog!

Hyperion ERS

The day started with an hour long ERS on Hyperion

Hyperion ERS

Hyperion is currently the largest coaster at Energylandia

Hyperion ERS

The ride was definitely a hit with most of the group


Formula, a new generation Vekoma Space Warp coaster, was surprisingly good


Setting off for a ride on Formula

ClubZ on Dragon

ClubZ get ready to take on Dragon Roller Coaster

Energylandia cakes

Cakes and doughnuts at Energylandia were superb!

Energylandia Zadra RMC construction

Energylandia are currently building Zadra, a hybrid coaster from RMC which will open next year

Jungle Adventure

Jungle Adventure is the better of the two rapids but still not amazing (yes, two rapids ... more on that later!)

Energylandia lockers

Energylandia's locker system works well: For 5 PLN (about £1) you get an all day wristband which you scan at each set of lockers. This automatically opens a locker for you, then at the end of the ride you re-scan your wristband (often from the other side of the bank of lockers) and the door will reopen. The wristband works for all lockers in the park. Annoyingly, you have to remember roughly what number locker is yours, as the barcode scanners will only open lockers near to them, which I guess is good for security.


We had lunch in the Royal Restaurant ... so much better than most theme park food!


Atlantis was Energylandia's first rapids ride - it's pretty terrible for a major water ride so following the opening of Jungle Adventure, this one has been delegated to family-friendly status


Boomerang, the park's Vekoma Family Boomerang, had some nice theming


Security by Segway!

Prince of Magic

The Prince of Magic show was disappointing - there were too many mistakes to make the illusions believable

Stunt Show

The stunt show had some fiery moments!

Stunt Show

This little kid stole the show


After a busy day at the park, we went out to dinner at this fantastic restaurant in Oswiecim


Cocktail? Don't mind if I do!


More fabulous food


Oswiecim after dark