ECC Party in Poland

Day 3: Legendia, Park Kolejowy and the Party!

Party night, but before that visits to Legendia and riding the world's biggest Dragon coaster at Park Kolejowy!

Sunday 26th May 2019

Legendia entrance

The main park for day 3 was Legendia

Party cannons

Seeing as it was party day, our group photo involved firing (officially sanctioned!) party cannons outside the park's main entrance

Lech ERS

Our day started with an ERS on Lech Coaster

T-Shirt Day

Oh, and it was also t-shirt day!

Flying Machines

The park has a set of Flying Machines similar to those at Blackpool


We took a ride on Bazyliszek, Legendia's impressive new dark ride

Dream Hunters Society

Dream Hunters Society is one of the park's two Zyklon/Galaxi style coasters

Dream Hunters Society

The ride has recently been given a retheme and a lick of paint. It's quite ... pink.

Group lunch

We had a group lunch in the Oberża Lecha restaurant

Group lunch

Three courses - delicious!

Rapids construction

Legendia are currently building a rapids ride that is due to open next year

Diabelska Pętla

Riding Diabelska Pętla, Legendia's Soquet double looper that has previously spent time at American Adventure and Lightwater Valley

Scary Toys Factory

The park's other Zyklon/Galaxi coaster is Scary Toys Factory

Rowing boats

With plenty of time to spare, we took a rowing boat out onto the lake

Lech from the lake

The boat offered a great vantage point to get some nice photos of Lech


Ben managed to row us straight into the reeds


T-shirt day made people easy to spot!

Diamond River

Time for our last major ride at the park - Diamond River


The mess we made!

Park Kolejowy

Our next stop was Park Kolejowy


The park is primarily a miniature railway attraction


There are a few quite rundown looking rides


The main attraction for us though was the park's Dragon rollercoaster


Unfortunately it broke down almost as soon as we arrived

Dragon coaster

Luckily they were able to fix it!

Dragon coaster

There's something great about watching eighty excited grown-ups riding a kiddie coaster

Dragon coaster

But compared to a usual kiddie Dragon coaster, this one was huge

Dragon coaster

Definitely a memorable part of the trip!


After a drive through the Polish countryside, we arrived at our final destination of the day ...


... the Party in Poland Official Party Venue, Karczma Młynówka


We had a private room on the restaurant's first floor


We had traditional Polish live music


It was a great evening filled with fun, food, friends ... and more than a little dancing!