Alton Towers Scarefest 2019

6 October 2019

Another stop on the tour of Halloween attractions, to Alton Towers Scarefest which this year launched two spectacular new scare mazes: The Attic, and Darkest Depths.

This year's Scarefest introduced two new scare mazes - The Attic, a new story in the Terror of the Towers series; and Darkest Depths, Alton's first nautical themed maze - together with the return of Project 42, Sub Species, and Altonville Mine Tours.


Back for another Scarefest

Towers Street pumpkins

Towers Street was once again dressed for the occasion

Scarefest hoodies

The Scarefest hoodies and hats now have the year on them

Scarefest ride pumpkins

Apparently I caught a couple of YouTube celebrities on camera as I was trying to get a photo of the new ride pumpkins at the bottom of Towers Street

Alton Ancestors

The Alton Ancestors were back entertaining crowds as they entered the park


We headed through the gardens towards Forbidden Valley


Who stole my pirate ship? Blade has left the park ... at least for now


We prepared for Air, but we got Galactica

Rollercoaaster Restaurant

An early lunch in an almost deserted Rollercoaster Restaurant


Don't you think blue lighting makes food look so much more attractive?


Trekking back through the gardens again

Alton Towers Dungeon

A customary warm welcome to the Dungeon


He seemed especially interested in Myk


I seem to be strangling Stacey, but I was only doing what I was told

Alton Towers Dungeon

We had a good time in the Dungeon, with most of us getting picked on at one stage or another

House of Monsters

No more House of Monsters this year

Sub Species

Our first maze was Sub Species

Sub Species

There were only four of us in the group, which helped give us a great run through. The actors worked hard to keep us separated the entire time, even pinning me to the wall for a while!

Altonville Mine Tours

Next up, a tour down the Altonville Mines

Mine Tours

I really like the detailed theming in the maze, and I also managed to get a helmet which I think enhances the experience even more

Project 42

The third and final maze on our Maze Combi Ticket was Project 42

Project 42

There were a few tweaks and improvements to the maze this year, most notably adding a maze section within the main ride chamber, but overall the maze is still very poor compared to Alton's other offerings.


Time for a quick coffee break

The Attic: Terror of the Towers

Back at The Towers for our first of the two new mazes: The Attic


Although named after Terror of the Towers, The Attic is a completely new maze with a brand new story, which takes guests upstairs and into the Towers loft space. A brilliant new maze!

Darkest Depths

Our final maze of the day, and the second of Scarefest's new mazes for 2019, was Darkest Depths


The maze tells the story of a pirate captain and his crew as they encounter the mysterious sirens

Darkest Depths pirates

Darkest Depths is beautifully themed - it really feels like you are onboard the pirate ship, with water cascading in as it sinks into the deep.

Just Chicken

Time for some dinner before heading home. It wasn't special, it was just chicken.


Home time. I'd have loved to have stayed later, but we all had to travel home ready for work the next day. Scarefest was back on form this year. It feels like Alton's new mazes are really setting a new standard for scare maze quality, and other scare attractions are going to need to catch up!

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