Legoland Coaster and Coronavirus

14 March 2020

The first theme park trip of the decade ... and probably the last for a while ...

Note: This visit took place in the days before the UK Government's revised social distancing instructions to the public, asking them to minimise unnecessary travel and avoid large social gatherings. Our decision to visit was based on the official advice available at the time.

The latest official information from the UK Government is available at: and NHS Health advice can be found at:

Legoland Windsor's new Duplo Dino Coaster opening had long been planned, and I had been looking forward to taking a trip to ride the new kiddie coaster for a while. What nobody could have predicted when we watched the construction fences go up last year was the measures the park would be putting into place to ensure their guests' safety. With everyone taking precautions due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak, this was going to be an unusual start to the decade of theme park trips...

Stop Gel Go

The signs at the entrance were pretty clear - sanitise your hands or you ain't coming in.

Hand Sanitiser

Following instructions ... I accidently managed to make the hand sanitiser pump explode all over the table, Margaret, and my sleeve. At least we were well sanitised.

More Hand Sanitiser

In case anyone missed the first one, there was a chance for a second go.

Legoland entrance

Freshly sanitised, we made our way to the main entrance.

Duplo Valley opening

It's bigger and better than ever before ... today's the day!

Entrance queue

We wondered whether people would be scared to come, but the park seemed fairly busy.

Park Maps

New maps! I do love a park map!

Cinema closed

Aside from hand sanitiser stations, the first evidence of Legoland's Coronavirus precautions was the closure of the 4D cinema.

Miniland USA

Miniland's USA section is still looking bright and colourful.

Buckingham Palace

Is it just me, or do some of the minifig tourists outside Buckingham Palace not look the right scale?

Train crash

Oh no! A major train crash in Miniland!


We found this friendly looking chap newly arrived at the entrance to Pirate Shores.


The toilets beside Pirate's Burger Kitchen are undergoing renovation.


The castle has been repainted over the winter, and it's looking radiant.


Looking so fresh and clean!


First rollercoaster ride of the decade: The Dragon.


More Coronavirus precautions - signs in the queueline asking everyone to space themselves out.

Metre markers

White marks spaced a metre apart had been painted all along the queueline to help people keep their distance.


The train and the dark ride section smelt strongly of disinfectant.

Enchanted Forest

It's always nice to spend a few minutes wandering through the Enchanted Forest, looking at all the Lego models of woodland animals.


Oh ... The Enchanted Forest is so enchanted that all the models have disappeared!

Otter Waterfall

Comparing a photo of the otter waterfall taken in 2001 with the dryed up otter-less remains of 2020.

Pirate's Burger Kitchen

We decided to have an early lunch at Pirate's Burger Kitchen, after sanitising our hands at the front door.

Order here

They've gone all McDonald's/Argos with touchscreen ordering this year ... I just hope everybody washed their hands before using them!

Burger Kitchen

It was pretty busy in the restaurant.


This little guy seemed to be enjoying his burger more than most Burger Kitchen customers do!

Legoland Express

We took a ride on Legoland Express, which was closed for most of last season while they relaid the track after construction of Haunted House Monster Party.

Deep Sea Adventure

Gone is the turquoise pyramid ... Atlantis Submarine Voyage has been transformed into the very yellow Deep Sea Adventure over the winter.


The outside of the building has a very different look.

Deep Sea Adventure

The ride system remains the same but they have removed the audio narration and storyline, which makes the whole experience feel less "adventure" and more "boring school trip to an aquarium" now.

Gift Shop

The gift shop by the exit has also been removed ... check out how nicely they've redecorated!?!?!

Duplo Valley

Time to take a wander through the new improved Duplo Valley.

Duplo Valley map

Along with the new rollecoaster, the helicopters have had a makeover and the playground has been renamed Duplo Playtown.

Duplo Playtown

The new playground entrance.


The rethemed Airport.


The helicopters have been repainted and the area feels a bit more open.

Duplo Dino Coaster

The new headlining attraction in Duplo Valley is Duplo Dino Coaster.

Dino Coaster queue

The ride opened to the public at midday, and seemed to maintain a decent length queue for the afternoon.

Duplo Dino Coaster

It's a nice smooth rollercoaster and it seemed to be a hit with its target market.

Duplo Dino Coaster

There's some undulating hills and curves, but nothing too extreme for young visitors.


Are these official NASA rocket scientists?

Miniland London

London, Miniland style.

Studio Cafe

Afternoon snack from the Studio Cafe ... we got three donuts to share, but when we looked in the bag there was an extra bonus one. A Bonut, if you will.


Oh, I might have had a milkshake too.

Fairy Tale Book

Fairy Tale Brook - Margaret's favourite ride!

Haunted House Monster Party

Last year's new attraction, Haunted House Monster Party.


During the closed season, Legoland have added a couple of canopies over part of the queueline.

Haunted House Monster Party

Unfortunately the swing was very "bouncy", in contrast to the smoothness of last season.

Balloon School

We took a flight on Balloon School.

Aero Nomad

Another photo from 2001 - Brickadilly's Ferris Wheel was the old name for Aero Nomad.

Laser Raiders

Let's raid a tomb on our last ride of the day ...

Laser Raiders queueline

... It's unusual to see Laser Raiders with such a short queue!

Hill Train

Time to catch the Hill Train back to the top.

The Big Shop

This shop is BIG!

Big Shop

All the Lego you could ever want ... if only I wasn't buying a house!

Souvenir Guide Book

A new souvenir guide book ... but for £7? You're taking the mick!

Christmas Tree

Oh oh oh! Buy no, house buying first.


The sun sets on what looks like it'll be the last theme park trip for a while ...


... see you on the other side of the pandemic. Keep safe, and wash your hands!

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